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Holistic Digital Strategist

I do online marketing

Nice to meet you! I’m Maria, a multipotentialite based in Barcelona. I solve communication problems from reflection to execution. To me, marketing online, social media and web design are the tools to build up your alter ego or brand in a digital world.

I love helping you to find your soul and voice and so, empower them.

Why am I doing this? Read my full bio here.

These are brands and business projects I have the pleasure to work with:

I studied the degree of Audiovisual Communication. Love for aesthetics and power of words are the two hemispheres of my creative brain. After few years working in television, communication and coolhunting I decided to focus on the digital path to understand the new tools to communicate to the world. I had the opportunity to work and learn Marketing Online at the great agency Runroom.

After almost three years there, I had an idea and so, made up my mind to bring it to life. I started a new challenge as the founder of Otter. The awereness of the importance of copy and the use of words to improve our lives and relationship with the others guided me to study and get certified on NLP. I decided to share my learning and thoughts along this way as The Zen Freelancer.

I'm up for new projects and collaborations. I will love to chat with you about how I can help you. You can contact me anytime at

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